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We have created the Coaching Based Headhunting methodology that applies executive coaching tools to the selection of personnel. Thanks to this methodology, a perfect adaptation of the candidates to the culture and values of our clients is achieved.

What do we do?

We help create happier and productive work environments

Our own Coaching based headhunting methodology allows us to attract the right talent for our clients. 

When we start with a new client, we spend valuable time understanding their company culture, values, and unique idiosyncrasies. We also like to meet Hiring Managers to understand exactly what their ideal candidate is like. This helps us when it comes to finding the right people.

We are specialized in profiles of Engineers, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Finance, HR, and management profiles.

We have specialized divisions in the Renewable Energy, Digital & Big Data, Pharma and Retail Industries.

We are specialized in Renewable Energy, Digital & Big Data profiles.

We operate internationally attracting talent in Europe and Latin America.

We specialize in the European and LATAM markets.

Our team is specialized in Renewable Energy, Digital & Big Data, Retail and Pharma, and trained in our methodology. We have a deep knowledge of each sector, which allows us to react in an agile way to the demands of our customers.

Colaboramos con una red de Headhunters asociados, especializados en energías renovables y certificados en nuestra metodología. Tenemos un amplio conocimiento del sector, lo que nos permite reaccionar de manera ágil a las demandas de nuestros clientes.
Solutions for companies

The Coaching Based Headhunting Method

This methodology allows to identify and select the ideal candidate thanks to a series of techniques that focus on detecting the technical, social and interpersonal skills of the candidate.

Headhunting y Executive Search

We use our own methodology named Coaching based headhunting, which allows us to identify, capture and recruit the candidates that best fit the values and culture of the company

Continuous Training

Design of specific training for high performance teams.

Executive Coaching

Coaching processes that help managers and leaders to develop their leadership skills and their soft skills. Individual sessions. Team coaching.

Specialists in the Renewable Energy, e-Health and Digital & Big Data sectors.

We usually work with the following profiles:

– Business Development / Sales Managers 
– IT, Digital & Big Data 
– Finance & Legal 
– Management profiles

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